The Caela Farmer FunD Fest 2004

New Panasonic GS70 Digital Camcorder Raffle

Keeping with tradition, our BIG chance raffle for Caela Farmer FunD Fest is for a brand new Panasonic GS-70 Digital Camcorder.  This camcorder can do it all. Not only can act as a traditional camcorder and record video to tape, it can connect to your computer and you can save the video.  The GS70 can also connect to your VCR or TV for playback and/or recording.  In addition to the camcorder features, the GS70 can record digital still pictures, so it can also be used as a digital camera, with a slight improvement.  You can take rapid action shots in succession.  Lastly, this camcorder can be used as a web cam for live video chatting or recording straight to your computer.

Whether you're going to keep the camera all to yourself, or make someone very happy this Christmas, support the Bright Future Fund and enter to win this great camcorder.

Panasonic GS70 Digital Camcorder Raffle

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Thanks again for your kindness!