Meet the Sibs…

little, silly
stands in stander
she loves her family


                                      -   Daniel Farmer
                                          2nd grade poem

As many of you know, you can’t get to really know Caela without meeting her sibs, Daniel, age 9, and Joycelin, age 4.  The three of them are like peas in a pod.  Daniel and Joycie are utterly devoted to their little sister, and have adjusted beautifully to helping us provide Caela the care she needs throughout the day.  They act as formula fetchers, baby wipe providers, therapeutic assistants, storybook readers, tear dryers, hug givers, kiss-blowers, patient playmates, enthusiastic cheerleaders, and their most highly specialized talent – they are the world’s foremost how-to-get-Caela-to-smile experts.   

They can just as easily adapt to being extra careful when Caela’s having a hard day as they can give her the gentle rough-housing she needs to get her going on her good days.   When Caela's been in the hospital, they've bravely dealt with the distance between their sister, their Mommy, and themselves, and have taken the time to make her homemade art masterpieces to decorate her hospital room.  While some people out there may stare at their baby sister who is continuously moving or wonder why she is so tiny at 2 years of age, her differences don’t bother them, they just see their baby sister and shower her with unconditional love.   They see her strengths and know how tough she really is.  They crack up at the way she rolls her eyes when she has attitude, blows funny raspberry kisses when she’s happy, and wiggles herself under the rocking chair or the playpen and then calls out for them to help her back out.  



Daniel and Joycelin are daily reminders to us, the grown-ups, who often get caught up in the questions about what Caela’s future will be like, that all is well – that Caela’s potential knows no boundaries, that we should remain infinitely optimistic about her healing, and that “when Caela gets a little older, she is going to really like pizza and ice cream”  (Daniel's firm belief).  It's a wonderful thing to watch them grow up together.  They are the essence of why our home is filled with so much love, joy, and acceptance, and we are very proud of them.  We thought you might enjoy a little peek at some of the good times they've shared.  Enjoy!