All About Me

My full name is…Caela Isabel Farmer.

 I was born on….April 13, 2001 at 8:47a.m (AT HOME!)

My name means…”wise child” in Arabic and “faithful & bold” in Hebrew.

Of my two parents, I am most like…my dad.  Our looks and temperament are very similar.  Actually, I remind everyone of my Grandma Linda, my Dad’s mom.

I am happiest when… I am free to wiggle around on the floor.

My favorite toy is…The Bug.  He’s been through it all with me 
(thanks, Rex & Rona)!

My favorite movie is… anything in the Baby Einstein series. 

I always laugh when… someone sneezes or my sibs act goofy around me.

I have the most attitude when… taking a bath or standing in my stander.

I make people laugh when…I laugh, especially in my sleep.

I cry when…I get my hair done or my mouth is suctioned.  
Both are torture in my book.

I am always… hot.  The ceiling fans run all year round in our house.   

I am never…intimidated.

People who meet me for the first time are always surprised by
how much I can communicate with only my eyes and facial expressions.

I most like to wear…nothing at all, just my birthday suit. 

I least like to wear…shoes or anything on my head.

One of my quirkiest habits is…I will wiggle and kick relentlessly until I can get just one of my socks off.    The other one never bothers me enough to expend all that energy.

My naughtiest habit is….pulling hard on my G-tube and opening the side port while my feed is running.

Three words that describe me best are…tough, mischievous, & super-cute!