Special Thanks

We have many, many people to thank who have helped us along the way and who have put a special effort into making the Caela Farmer FunD Fest 2003 a reality.   Although we will only be highlighting major groups of people on Caela’s website, we want all of the countless individuals who have prayed for us, supported us, and reached out to us, to know that we appreciate each and every one of you, and that the love you have sent our way has carried us through the hardest of times.  İMuchisimas gracias!

Behind-the-Scenes Crew#1:

These folks have helped us adjust to the physical, emotional, logistical, and spiritual demands that have come our way since Caela’s birth. Thank you all!

  Agapé Love Ministries:  Agapé is our home church.  Our church family, especially our pastors, have been there every step of the way, extra vigilant during times of crisis, and always available to lend a helping hand with anything  we might need.   They have shared the good and bad times with us, and have never stopped believing the best for Caela. 

A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children and the Diagnostic Referral Service:  
Dr. Malatack’s name is a familiar one amongst our family and friends because of the caring and dedication he has shown to Caela as well as they way he values our relationship with him as partners in Caela’s healthcare.  We are very grateful that he heads up Caela’s medical team, and we can’t say enough good things about his team of colleagues - Dr. Consolini, Dr. Mann, Dr. Gartner, and his secretary, Juanita Cruz, all of whom have spent many hours helping Caela as well.  We also want to send a big shout-out to Dr. Borkowski, Caela’s awesome neurologist, and all of the nurses and therapists at Dupont who have taken such excellent care of our baby girl.  This hospital is an amazing place, and it is comforting to know that when Caela is at her worst, she is cared for by some of the most hard-working, compassionate, and competent healthcare professionals we have ever met. 

Childlink and Kencrest Services:  These are the two agencies responsible for the coordination and implentation of Caela’s therapeutic services.  Caela is receiving case coordination from Margo, physical therapy from Jane, speech therapy from Danielle, occupational therapy from Angie, and special instruction from Sharon.  Each of these interventions have not only helped Caela progress greatly, but have also helped our family adjust to Caela’s developmental challenges and learn how to assist her to do her best.  They have been our cheerleaders every step of the way - coaching us through the technical aspects of Caela’s therapy, helping us access key resources, working with us to set goals for Caela, creatively drawing out her strengths, and tirelessly believing in her potential to grow and succeed.   Each of them comes to our home every week, and it is difficult to remember what life was like before they came onto the scene. 

Independence Blue Cross:  This company not only provides Caela’s medical insurance, but is also Tatum’s employer.  We wanted to especially thanks his superiors and colleagues, who have been extremely understanding and supportive, especially during Caela’s illnesses and hospitalizations.  

Loving Care Pediatric Homecare: This agency provides nursing services for Caela.  Caela receives night nursing every day of the week for eight hours.  Caela’s nurses, Vanessa and Brenda, do an outstanding job watching over our little girl every night, giving us some peace of mind and helping us get a good night’s sleep.   They are very deserving of the trust we place in them to care for Caela and we sincerely appreciate how they tend to Caela’s needs and give her lots of TLC.     

Queen Village Pediatrics:   Dr. Tapper and his top-notch receptionist, Theresa, have handled Caela's primary care since her birth and helped us wade through much of the administrative requirements of Caela's medical care.  Theresa is always there to make sure we have the referrals we need and helps us keep Daniel and Joycelin's visits   up-to-date.  She never  forgets any of the sibs when handing out stickers or giving compliments.  Dr. Tapper checks in with us after each of Caela's hospitalizations, sees Caela for her well-baby visits, and maintains close communication with Dr. Malatack, whom he referred us to almost two years ago.   Theresa and Dr. Tapper make a great team and are willing to help whenever we need them.


Behind-the-Scenes Crew#2:

Meet the Benefit Planning Committee for the Caela Farmer FunD Fest 2003!   All of these family members and friends have voluntarily contributed countless hours and their individual resources to ensure this event is a success.  Working with them during this process has been a very humbling and rewarding experience.   Our deepest gratitude for all of your hard work and the kindness you’ve shown us by doing this for our family…

  • Paulette Adams
  • Ann Betterton  
  • Jamie Bruck
  • Michele Farmer
  • Kim Glodek
  • Danielle Modica
  • Kate Riera
  • Karla Riera
  • Jane Styer-Acevedo
  • Ruth Wilf
  • Beth Zowadniak


Behind-the-Scenes Crew#3:

Finally, we’d like to thank all of the businesses and organizations that have helped contribute to the “Making of the Caela Farmer FunD Fest 2003.  They have each generously contributed their services free-of-charge to help us acquire the things we need to throw a great party!  Please keep these businesses and organizations in mind in the future when looking for any of the services mentioned below.   Click on the underlined names below to link to each respective website.

Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity, Inc. of Drexel University:  This organization has offered to give us many extra helping hands by volunteering to join us on the day of the event and help ensure that things run smoothly .   

Carousel House: Carousel House has generously donated their facility for Caela’s benefit.  Carousel House is a recreation center for youth with disabilities in the Philadelphia area.  It includes a large gymnasium, a commercial kitchen, and a spacious outdoor yard with a playground, picnic tables, large shade trees, and plenty of parking.  

The Delta Epsilon Colony of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority:  The sisters of this sorority at Drexel University have joined the brothers of AXP as volunteers on the day of the benefit.

Disciples Indeed of Drexel University:  Tatum and I are both alumni of this Christian bible study group on Drexel’s campus.  We were honored to learn that the current group of DID students chipped in to get the postage we needed to mail out invitations for the big day.     

From the Boot:  This family-owned Italian restaurant based in Lafayette Hill, PA is catering (at no cost to us)  a large portion of the menu we have planned for our guests at the benefit. They are located at 517 Germantown Pike and can be reached at 610-834-8680 for further details.

Minuteman Press Minuteman Press of Bala Cynwyd, PA was kind enough to print our 450 invitation flyers in full color at no expense to us.   They produced a beautiful, high-quality product that really helped us get the word out about Caela.    

MotoPhoto:  Motophoto has thoughtfully donated the digital and standard developing for over 200 pictures that will be used to create a photo display for the event depicting Caela’s life and the vision we have for her future.   

Sugar Hill Bakery and Café:  This West Philadelphia house of goodies is generously providing a variety of delicious, home-made desserts for all of our guests at the benefit.   We are definitely in for a treat!  The grand opening of their new location on Baltimore Avenue will be taking place in November, 2003 - orders can be placed at 215-747-1102.

Staples:   All of our mailing and office supplies were charitably donated to us by Staples of Chestnut Hill, PA.