Raspberry Kisses

Her eyes said it all
Words need not get in the way
With a blink of her lashes in your heart shed stay
Eyes of patience with no need to say
For silence was broken when her eyes came to play.

There was no denying the expression in her stare
A Shakespearean soliloquy could not even compare
For the emotion delivered from her soul to her stare
Was never of burden, just of love to share.

She personalized her look for the one in her sights,
Always of sound mind, despite her fight,
When I think of the words she never did speak,
I remember those kisses she raspberried on my cheek.

Baby girl, I love you
And Im happy youre free
Ill continue your Rett fight
Until I see 
You face to face
And when I do 
Ill still take your raspberries as my I love you.

Love Daddy